Northeast Regional Meeting

Nucleic Acids II


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
Arlington Room A

Nucleic Acids

E. Rozners, Organizer, Presiding

1:30 424. Folding RNA: From tetramers to Influenza. D.H. Turner

2:10 425. Structural and functional studies of 2'-5'-linked RNA. F. Sheng, R. Wang, O. Levchenko, P. Haruehanroengra, V. Valsangkar, J. Sheng

2:40 426. Designed RNA-targeted compounds for altering protein recoding in HIV. B.L. Miller

3:10 Intermission.

3:30 427. E. coli tRNA arginine isoacceptors employ multiple post-transcriptional modification strategies to enable six-fold degenerate codon recognition. K. Sarachan, W. Cantara, S. Vangaveti, J. Spears, H. DeMirci, F.V. Murphy, S. Ranganathan, P.F. Agris

4:00 428. 2-Aminopyridine modified peptide nucleic acids and their peptide conjugates are promising tools for fast and sequence-selective recognition of double-stranded RNA in vitro and in live cells: Applications in molecular biology, biomedical research and biotechnology. D. Hnedzko, D. W. McGee, Y. A. Karamitas, E. Rozners


4:20 429. Probing nucleic acid grooves using fluorescent aminosugars. D.P. Arya

Nucleic Acids I


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
Arlington Room A

Nucleic Acids

E. Rozners, Organizer, Presiding

8:45 Introductory Remarks.

8:50 340. Enhancing siRNA / RNA aptamer affinity and activity with backbone-modified nucleic acids. M. Egli

9:30 341. Transition metal-based paramagnetic probes to study RNA-protein interactions using NMR. M. Royzen, L. Seebald

10:00 Intermission.

10:20 342. Synthesis of amide-modified RNA. V. Kotikam, E. Rozners

10:40 343. Synthesis and thermal stability of novel Watson-Crick base pair mimics. I. Novosjolova, S. Kennedy, E. Rozners


11:00 344. Modifying RNA to understand and improve it: NMR and modeling studies. S. Kennedy, R. Kierzek, D. Mutisya, P. Pallan, M. Egli, E. Rozners, D.H. Turner

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