Northeast Regional Meeting

Smart Energy I


Holiday Inn
La Tasse Room

Smart Energy

G. S. McGrady, Organizer, Presiding

8:00 Introductory Remarks.

8:10 46. Process intensification in preparative chemistry: Developing and using new tools for energy efficient synthesis. N.E. Leadbeater

8:55 47. Rationally controlling bioluminescence resonance energy transfer through modification of quantum rod-luciferase nanoconjugates. L.M. Karam, M.M. Maye

9:25 48. Novel synthesis of oxynitride photocatalysts. J. Shaves, J. Miller, N. Abrams

9:55 50. Teaching freshman advanced smart energy concepts through research immersion. J. Proper, W.E. Jones, L. Piper, M.S. Whittingham, B. White, M. Fegley, N. Stamp, M.J. Wahila

10:25 Intermission.

10:45 49. Effect of grain improvement on carrier lifetime in perovskite solar cells. T.P. Dhakal, D. Fisher, F. Saouma, J. Jang


11:15 51. Solid-state dye sensitized solar cells using vapor phase polymerized poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) as a hole transport layer. S.M. Boyer, F. Schreffler, W.E. Bernier, W.E. Jones

Smart Energy II


Holiday Inn
La Tasse Room

Smart Energy

G. S. McGrady, Organizer, Presiding

1:00 Introductory Remarks.

1:05 134. Accelerating the development of hydrogen storage material development through national laboratory led collaborative research efforts. N.T. Stetson

1:50 135. Solution-based routes to ammine metal borohydrides: Unprecedented formation of ammonia borane. G.S. McGrady, M. Mostajeran, D. Wolstenholme, C. Frazee, R.T. Baker

2:20 136. Hydride-hydride bonding: The missing link in the evolution of hydrogen from main group hydrides. D. Wolstenholme, G.S. McGrady

2:50 Intermission.

3:10 137. Novel carbon(C)-boron(B)-nitrogen(N)-containing H 2 storage materials. S.Y. Liu, J.S. Ishibashi

3:40 138. Freeze-dried ammonia borane-polyethylene oxide composites: Phase behaviour and hydrogen release. A. Ploszajski, M. Billing, A. Nathanson, M. Vickers, F. Tariq, N. Brandon, S. Bennington

4:10 139. Hydrogenation pf polyclic aromatic hydrocarbons for smart energy applications. G.S. McGrady, C. Allen, S. Brough, S. Riley


4:40 Concluding Remarks.

Smart Energy III


Holiday Inn
La Tasse Room

Smart Energy

G. S. McGrady, Organizer, Presiding

1:00 Introductory Remarks.

1:05 404. Coupling in-situ TEM and ex-situ analysis to understand heterogeneous sodiation of antimony. D. Mitlin

1:50 405. Enhanced adhesion of NPG on modified glassy carbon surfaces and de-alloying of Cu xAu (1-x) alloys at different length scales. J. Xia, I. Achari, S. Ambrozik, N.G. Dimitrov

2:20 406. Design and structural characterization of nanoalloys as catalysts for ethanol oxidation reaction. Y. Zhao, S. Shan, H. Cronk, Z. Skeete, J. Donohue, J. Luo, V. Petkov, C. Zhong

2:50 407. Structural characterization of nanoalloy catalysts for low-temperature hydrocarbon oxidation. S. Shan, H. Kareem, H. Cronk, Y. Zhao, J. Li, E. Kim, F. Chang, J. Luo, V. Petkov, C. Zhong

3:20 Intermission.

3:40 408. Pre-lithiated Li4Ti5O12/activated carbon hybrid battery for energy storage device. J. Feng, F. Omenya, N. Chernova, L. Tong, W.E. Jones, A. Rastogi, M.S. Whittingham

4:10 409. High-voltage behavior of layered oxides in Li-ion batteries: Insight from the magnetic properties. N. Chernova, F. Omenya, C. Siu, H. Liu, S. Meng, S. Wittingham


4:40 Concluding Remarks.

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