Northeast Regional Meeting

Biochemistry I


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton

Endicott Room 


Cosponsored by BIOL
A. Shekhtman, Organizer
J. Sheng, Organizer, Presiding

8:00 7. DNA nanotechnology for ultrasensitive detection. M.V. Yigit, M. Rana, M. Balcioglu

8:20 8. Selenium in proteins and RNA: A chemical and biological rationale. R. Hondal

8:40 9. Computational study of nucleic acid adsorption on graphene. S. Ranganathan, K. Halvorsen, A.A. Chen, M.V. Yigit, C. Myers, N. Robertson

9:00 10. Bright, photostable new probe to detect biomolecule carbonylation in live cells. S. Ghosh, S.L. Bane

9:15 Intermission.

9:35 11. Direct observation of structural evolution of expanded CAG trinucleotide RNA repeats. P. Li

9:55 12. Directed evolution for the design of new catalysts. T. Dunston, Y. Moroz, O. Makhlynets, O. Moroz, Y. Wu, J. Yoon, A. Olsen, J. Mclaughlin, K.L. Mack, P. Gosavi, N. van Nuland, I.V. Korendovych

10:10 13. Development of LC/MS-based direct RNA sequencing with concomitant base-calling and modification analysis capability. S. Zhang

10:30 14. Structural studies of C-terminal binding protein (CtBP): Working towards an understanding of oligomeric state to design small-molecule inhibitors. A.G. Bellesis

10:45 15. Towards the chemo-enzymatic synthesis of the heptapeptide antibiotic complestatin: Investigating the role of the P450 oxygenases ComI and ComJ in aryl linkage formation. A. Mollo

Biochemistry II


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton

Endicott Room


Cosponsored by BIOL
J. Sheng, Organizer
A. Shekhtman, Organizer, Presiding

8:00 257. Redefining the potential prenylome: Prenylation of non-canonical c-terminal sequences in peptides and proteins. M.J. Blanden, W. Schmidt, J. Hougland

8:20 258. Molecular mechanisms underlying eye-lens clouding and the maintenance of transparency. J. Pande

8:40 259. Biochemical and structural investigation of Ghrelin recognition and processing. E. Cleverdon, C.L. Cabrinha, C. Castaneda, J. Hougland

8:55 260. Investigation of a functionally essential domain within human ghrelin O-acyltransferase. M. Campana, J. Hougland

9:10 261. Antinociceptive agents targeting fatty acid binding proteins (FABP). S. Tong, M.W. Elmes, J. Sweeny, H. Hsu, M. Kaczocha, H. Li, R.C. Rizzo, D.G. Deutsch, I. Ojima

9:25 Intermission.

9:45 262. Allostery in bacterial environmental sensors: Understanding nature's switches to develop scientists' tools. K.H. Gardner, F. Correa, I. Dikiy, E. Orth, U. Edupuganti, Z. Jaber

10:05 263. Utility of alkylcobalamins for light-controlled biological applications. A.C. McCue, T.A. Shell

10:15 264. Kinetics of tau-hexapeptide promoted β-amyloid fibrillogenesis. P.P. Rao

10:35 265. Modeling a chaperone-client interaction: Mellitin binding to alpha crystallin. L. Ramirez, A. Pande, A. Shekhtman, J. Pande

10:50 266. Amplification effect of hexammine complexes upon potential pulse-induced frequency transients of DNA on an electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance. J. Peter, G. Flechsig

11:10 267. tRNA Arg and tRNA Lys - a "modified" story. S. Vangaveti, K. Sarachan, W. Cantara, S. Ranganathan, A.A. Chen, J. Sheng, P.F. Agris