Northeast Regional Meeting

Chemical Education I


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
Serling Room

Chemical Education

Cosponsored by CHED
D. P. Brennan, B. Turnpenny, Organizers
A. M. Sheridan-Brennan, Organizer, Presiding

9:00 60. CHEM 150: Improving student interest from general chemistry to organic chemistry. P. Tanui

9:20 61. Keeping students engaged in large lecture format organic chemistry classes. R.M. Kissling, P. Tanui

9:40 62. Engaging students in bringing laughter to chemistry classrooms! V.A. Jouraeva

10:00 63. Inquiry based learning in an organic chemistry undergraduate curriculum. V.C. Waghulde, U. Panse

10:20 Intermission.

10:40 64. To incorporate interdisciplinary approach and research-based learning in an undergraduate curriculum. U. Panse, V.C. Waghulde

11:00 65. Benefits of an introduction to college chemistry course to general chemistry students. B. Turnpenny, E.K. Mushibe, A.S. Silva

11:20 66. Blended vs. traditional offerings in forensics: An investigation into student outcomes. D.P. Brennan

11:40 67. Chemistry education collaborations across cultural and national borders: The Middle East. M.Z. Hoffman, Z.M. Lerman

Chemical Education II


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
Serling Room

Chemical Education

Cosponsored by CHED
A. M. Sheridan-Brennan, Organizer
D. P. Brennan, B. Turnpenny, Organizers, Presiding

1:00 76. Models for integrating chemistry and biology laboratory instruction at the introductory level. N. Abrams

1:20 77. Development of an introductory biological chemistry lab with an undergraduate research component. T. Curtis, D.P. Brennan, A.S. Silva, S. Solmaz, B.P. Callahan

1:40 78. Teaching freshman advanced concepts in biomedical chemistry through a sequence of course-based research experiences. S.C. Flynn

2:00 79. Safety in the undergraduate laboratory: A mother’s perspective. A.M. Sheridan-Brennan

2:20 Intermission.

2:40 80. Implementation of a peer mentor program in the general chemistry labs. K.I. Gublo

3:00 81. A study of olivine cathode materials for lithium ion batteries: A material science laboratory exercise for chemistry majors. D. Ji, F. Omenya, A.S. Silva, Y. Sun

3:20 82. A research based chemistry lab: Synthesis and characterization of fluorescent conjugated polymer. W. Wu, D. Ji, A.S. Silva, A. Chen, Y. Sun

3:40 83. ChemDetectives: A stoichiometry case study for general chemistry. A.K. Sharma

4:00 84. Maximizing effectiveness of chemistry presentations for elementary and middle school aged students: Applications in chemical education. A. Zhang, S. Nadkarni, A. Shayya, M. Levy