Northeast Regional Meeting

Drug Delivery


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton

Arlington Room A

Drug Delivery

Cosponsored by ORGN
M. An, Organizer, Presiding

8:00 Introductory Remarks.

8:05 482. Increasing effectiveness of tethered antimicrobial peptide chrysophin-1. Z. Lipsky, T.E. Alexander, L.D. Lozeau, T.A. Camesano

8:25 483. The pH low insertion peptide (pHLIP) as a drug carrier targeting acidic tumor microenvironments. L. Klees, E. Lichter, C. Eng, X. Wang, C. Shi, A. Bodman, V. Nazarenko, M. Bell, I. Bandler, Y. Lan, J. Luo, M. An

8:45 484. Di-substituted maleamic acid, an ultra-acid-sensitive, cleavable linker for releasing drugs in response to tumor acidosis. A. Zhang, M. An

9:05 485. Rational design of peptides for cancer targeting. F. Barrera

9:35 Intermission.

9:50 486. Specific targeting and delivery of therapeutics to cancer cells based on the tumor microenvironment. D. Thevenin, K.E. Burns, T.P. McCleerey

10:20 487. Membrane insertion of the pH-low insertion peptides studied by the solid-state NMR spectroscopy. W. Qiang, N. Shu, S. Hanz, J. Qian, N. Christman, M. An, C. Grewer

10:50 488. Novel telodendrimer nanoplatform for therapeutic delivery. J. LuoSATURDAY MORNING