Northeast Regional Meeting

Environmental Chemistry and Impacts of Pollution in the Great Lakes Region and Beyond


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
Carlton Room B

Environmental Chemistry & Impacts of Pollution in the Great Lakes Region & Beyond

D. S. Aga, Organizer, Presiding

1:00 Introductory Remarks.

1:05 294. Chemical analysis of legacy and emerging contaminants in Great Lakes fish. M. Milligan, T. Holsen, B.S. Crimmins, P. Hopke, J.J. Pagano

1:30 295. A suspect screening for organic micropollutants in the Cayuga Lake region of the Great Lakes Basin. D.E. Helbling, A. Pochodylo

1:55 296. Field deployable bioassays for rapid and sensitive detection of emerging contaminants. G. Bulbul, A. Othman, S. Andreescu

2:20 Intermission.

2:35 297. Comparative analysis of different water categories as sources of N-nitrosamine precursors. T. Zeng, C. Glover, E. Marti, W. Mitch, E. Dickenson

3:00 298. Mass spectrometry based method for measuring vitellogenin in fish as biomarker of exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals. P. He, E. Matich, A. Friedman, G. Atilla-Gokcumen, D.S. Aga

3:25 299. Indoor air quality in the office environment and volatile emission fluxes from printers. N.C. Eddingsaas, D.C. Rodriguez Alberto, S. Gray


3:50 373. Using stable isotopes (δD and δ 13C) to determine spatial origin of PAH contaminants in soils throughout Connecticut, USA. A. Oakes, G.M. Harris, C.E. Fagan, M.T. Hren