Northeast Regional Meeting

Inorganic Chemistry I


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton

Carlton Room B 

Inorganic Chemistry

J. Fang, Organizer, Presiding

8:00 312. Ru360: Investigating the chemistry of a dinuclear MCU-inhibitor. S.R. Nathan

8:25 313. Investigation of conjugated polyelectrolytes as fluorescent chemosensors. W. Wu, A. Chen, Z. Qing, W. Bernier, W.E. Jones

8:50 26. Mechanochemical synthesis of [L nCuX 2] (L = 3-cyanopyridine, 2-amino-3-cyanopyridine, 2-amino-5-cyanopyridine; n = 1, 2; X = Cl, Br) via drop-solvent grinding. J.E. Chellali, P.C. Farris, C.P. Landee, M.M. Turnbull

9:15 27. Structural variations involving s-block metal pyrazolates. J.J. Woods, A.G. Goos, C.M. Lavin, M.M. Gillett-Kunnath, K. Ruhlandt-Senge

9:40 Intermission.

10:00 28. Electrochemical rectification of molecular multilayered films towards redox mediators for dye-sensitized solar cells. M.R. Civic, S. Donovan, J. Edgington, P.H. Dinolfo

10:25 29. Structural, magnetic susceptibility, and EPR results for a family of weakly interacting copper(II) halide compounds with 1,4’-bipyridinium. J.C. Monroe, C.P. Landee, M. Rademeyer, F.T. Greenaway, M.M. Turnbull


10:50 30. Mechanochemical synthesis of copper(II) halide complexes: Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of 2-amino-5-bromo- and 2-amino-5-chloropyridine complexes. P.C. Farris, C.P. Landee, M.M. Turnbull, A.D. Wall, J.L. Wikaira

Inorganic Chemistry II


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton

Carlton Room B 

Inorganic Chemistry

J. Fang, Organizer, Presiding

1:00 Introductory Remarks.

1:05 107. Morphology control synthesis of Pt-Ni tetrahexahedron. Y. Luan, J. Fang

1:45 108. Oxidation resistant behavior of stainless Fe/FeCrNi core/alloy nanoparticles. L. Pathade, T.L. Doane, M.M. Maye

2:10 109. Investigating the mechanism of formation of metal-organic frameworks by small and wide angle X-ray scattering. C.C. Webb Jr, M. Kriechbaum, A. Torvisco, H. Amenitsch, K. Ruhlandt-Senge

2:35 110. Cathode materials for Li-ion batteries synthesized from LiVOPO4×2H 2O. M.V. Hidalgo, Y. Chung, F. Omenya, N.A. Chernova, M.S. Whittingham, L. Wangoh, L. Piper, Y. Lin, S. Ong

3:00 Intermission.

3:20 111. Li diffusion and chemical transformations of Li 2VO 2F. X. Wang, F. Omenya, N. Chernova, M.S. Whittingham

3:45 112. Coordination chemistry of magnesium and bismuth compounds. B. Wilson, Y. Takahashi, A. Torvisco, A.Y. OBrien, M.M. Gillett-Kunnath, K. Ruhlandt-Senge

4:10 113. Synthesis and structures of heteroleptic alkaline earth metal tetraarylborate pyrazolates. C.M. Lavin, J.J. Woods, M.M. Gillett-Kunnath, K. Ruhlandt-Senge

Inorganic Chemistry III


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton

Carlton Room B

Inorganic Chemistry

J. Fang, Organizer, Presiding

8:00 307. Crystallography and functional properties of titanates. B.I. Lee

8:40 308. Rational design and synthesis of coordination–based sensors for metal ion determination: Iron detection. N.O. Laschuk, I.I. Ebralidze, O.V. Zenkina

9:05 309. Next frontier in MOCVD precursors: Synthesis of novel bismuth coordination compounds. V. Lopez, S. Reischauer, M.M. Gillett-Kunnath, K. Ruhlandt-Senge

9:30 Intermission.

9:50 310. Curious stability of binuclear alkyl hydrides of chromium and their reaction with hydrocarbons. Y. Hung, K.H. Theopold, G.P. Yap

10:15 311. Synthesis, properties and coordination chemistry of polytopic redox-active ligands. N. Bonanno, P.K. Poddutoori, A.J. Lough, M.T. Lemaire

10:40 25. Iron catalyzed cross-coupling with simple ferric salts. M.L. Neidig