Northeast Regional Meeting

Materials for Energy: New Trends and Challenges I


Holiday Inn

Southern Tier Room

Materials for Energy: New Trends & Challenges

S. Wittingham, Organizer
M. A. Petrukhina, Organizer, Presiding
P. H. Dinolfo, Presiding

8:00 314. Nanostructured metal oxide and nanocup graphene nanosheets as supercapacitor materials. M.R. Hepel, M.A. Petrukhina, V. Samuilov

8:30 315. Corannulene: A curved and highly symmetric platform for synthesis of new organic materials. C. Dubceac, S.N. Spisak, Z. Zhou, M.A. Petrukhina

9:00 316. Examination of energy transfer in molecular multilayered donor-acceptor thin films. P.H. Dinolfo, L. Ayensu-Mensah, Z. Huang, M.R. Topka

9:30 Intermission.

10:00 317. New class of highly active and stable graphene tube catalysts via a template-free graphitization for bifunctional oxygen reduction and evolution. G. Wu

10:30 318. High-foltage graphene supercapacitors. V. Samuilov

11:00 319. Mapping electrical function in organic photovoltaic nanomaterials. J.M. Mativetsky


11:30 320. Solution-phase synthesis of silver-alloyed Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 for highly efficient solar cells. P.D. Antunez, T.S. Gershon, D.M. Bishop, R. Haight

Materials for Energy:  New Trends and Challenges II


Holiday Inn
Southern Tier Room

Materials for Energy: New Trends & Challenges

M. A. Petrukhina, S. Wittingham, Organizers
E. Dikarev, V. Samuilov, Presiding

1:00 376. Li batteries: Future trends and challenges. M.S. Whittingham

1:40 377. Mixed-valent transition metal precursors for the synthesis of energy related materials. E. Dikarev, C.M. Lieberman, Z. Wei, A.M. Abakumov

2:10 378. FeSn 2 and FeSn 5 alloy with high and stable capacity as anodes in lithium-ion batteries. F. Xin, H. Zhou, D. Ji, X. Wang, J. Ding, F. Omenya, N. Chernova, M.S. Whittingham

2:30 Intermission.

3:00 379. Realizing the full reversible capacity of layered oxide lithium ion battery cathodes: The role of phase transformations at Li 1-xNi 0.8Co 0.15Al 0.5O 2 surfaces. L. Piper

3:30 380. Substituted epsilon-VOPO 4 as multi-electron cathode for Li-ion battery. C. Siu, Y. Chung, F. Omenya, N. Chernova, M.S. Whittingham, Y. Lin, S. Ong, L. Wangoh, L. Piper

3:50 381. Characterizing dendrite growth in lithium-ion batteries using in situ MRI. A.J. Ilott, M. Mohammadi, H. Chang, N. Trease, C. Grey, A. Jerschow

4:10 382. Germanium based anodes for lithium-ion batteries. D. Ji, N. Chernova, M.S. Whittingham

4:30 383. High light absorption and charge separation efficiency at low applied voltage from Sb doped SnO 2/BiVO 4 core/shell nanorod array photoanodes. L. Zhou, P.M. Rao


4:50 384. SnWO 4 porous film photoanode with visible-light photoresponse at low voltage. Z. Zhu, P. Sarker, C. Zhao, L. Zhou, R.L. Grimm, M.N. Huda, P.M. Rao