Northeast Regional Meeting

Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Surfaces


Holiday Inn
La Tasse Room

Microscopy & Spectroscopy of Surfaces

L. Piper, Organizer, Presiding
N. F. Quackenbush, Presiding

8:15 321. Thermodynamics of the interphase: Theoretical description and experimental observation of the concentration gradient at a solid/solution interface. M.N. Kobrak

8:30 323. Probing nonlinear rheology layerbylayer in interfacial hydration water. W. Jhe

8:45 Discussion.

8:50 324. Experimental evidence against the bulk metal-insulator transition of vanadium dioxide extending to the surface. N.F. Quackenbush, J.T. Sadowski, M.J. Wahila, H. Paik, D. Schlom, L. Piper

9:05 325. Quasiparticle interference of heavy fermions in resonant X-ray scattering. P. Aynajian

9:20 326. Evidence of rhombohedral structure within hetero-epitaxially grown BiFeO 3 thin films. I. Bae

9:35 Intermission.

10:05 327. Electron spectro-microscopy of 2D materials. J.T. Sadowski

10:35 328. Oxidation-driven surface dynamics on NiAl(100). H. Qin, X. Chen, J. Li, L. Li, P. Sutter, G. Zhou

10:50 Discussion.

10:55 329. Chemistry at model catalyst surfaces: Spectro-microscopic investigations. D. Grinter


11:25 330. Importance of aluminum at the electrode-electrolyte interface for LiNi 0.8Co 0.15Al 0.05O 2 electrodes. Z. Lebens-Higgins, S. Sallis, N. Pereira, N. Faenza, G. Amatucci, L. Piper