Northeast Regional Meeting

Nanotechnology: From Fundamentals to Applications I


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
Johnson Room

Nanotechnology: From Fundamentals to Applications

J. Luo, Organizer
C. Zhong, Organizer, Presiding

8:30 Introductory Remarks.

8:35 331. Understanding surface properties and reactivity of metal oxide nanoparticles for diagnostics and therapeutic applications. S. Andreescu

9:05 332. Programmable release with photo-disruptable layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte multilayers incorporating quadruple photocleavable chromophores. X. Hu, S.W. Thomas

9:25 333. A general strategy for the synthesis of metal sulfide quantum dot nanoparticles. L. Bian, K. Ring, J. Ritz, P. Goulet

9:45 334. Hairy nanoparticles as soft templates to grow mesoporous oxides and carbons. B. Liu, J. He

10:05 335. Nanoparticle-based biomolecule detection using SPR and SERS: Understanding the role of the interparticle interactions. Z. Skeete, C. Salazar, W. Sun, F. Vides, J. Luo, C. Zhong

10:25 Intermission.

10:40 336. Insights into the synthesis of alkanethiolate-protected metallic nanoparticles. J. Ritz, B.G. Root, P. Goulet

11:00 337. Toxicity evaluation of metal oxide particles and chemical additives used in the CMP industry. E. Dumitrescu, D. Karunaratne, K. Wallace, S. Andreescu

11:20 338. Nanocomposites from tunable dendrons and nanoparticles. S. Yan, X. Liu, C.L. Ghazvini, S. Bryant, N. He, W. Zhao, J. Lombardi, Z. Skeete, J. Luo, M.D. Poliks, I.G. Ivanov, C. Zhong

11:40 339. Ultra-thin layer growth of palladium on polycyrstalline gold electrodes by surface limited redox replacement redox replacement. I.O. Achari, S. Ambrozik, N.G. Dimitrov

Nanotechnology: From Fundamentals to Applications II


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
Johnson Room

Nanotechnology: From Fundamentals to Applications

C. Zhong, Organizer
J. Luo, Organizer, Presiding

8:30 31. Self-assembly and characterization of two-color quantum rod-DNA origami conjugates. Y. Chen, T.L. Doane, M.M. Maye

8:50 32. Self-renewing carbon nanotube thick films under energetic ion bombardment. G. Konesky

9:10 33. Polymer nanocomposite foam materials for applications in sensors. H. Kumar

9:30 34. Design, synthesis and engineering of multifunctional nanoprobes for biological detection and targeting. J. Li, S. Shan, Z. Skeete, C. Hou, J. Luo, M.R. Hepel, C. Zhong

9:50 35. Charge properties of doped semiconductor nanocrystals. A.R. Freyer, T. Krauss

10:10 Intermission.

10:25 36. Toward a 19F MRI contrast agent based on mesoporous silica nanoparticles. J.L. Steinbacher

10:45 37. Clodronate control of the reticulo-endothelial system (circulating macrophages) to increase circulation time of theranostic Immunolabeled gold-coated nanoparticles. B. Kogos, N. Sobol, P. Pevsner

11:05 38. Sub-5nm β-NaGdF 4:Yb 50%: A design of a theranostic nanoplatform for radiotherapy. J. Damasco, G. Chen, T. Ohulchanskyy, S. Mahajan, P. Prasad

11:25 39. Fundamental understanding of the synergy between electroactive poly (amic) acid membranes and their interaction with nanoparticles. V. Kariuki