Northeast Regional Meeting

New Investigator Symposium


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
Kilmer Room

New Investigator

Financially supported by Krackeler
K. R. Kittilstved, S. Solmaz, Organizers, Presiding

1:00 Introductory Remarks.

1:05 118. Organometallic manganese for water splitting chemistry. D.C. Lacy

1:30 119. Electronic properties of colloidal ternary semiconductor nanocrystals. K.E. Knowles

1:55 120. Tunable optical properties of manganese doped quantum rods for green energy applications. W. Zheng

2:20 121. Enzymes, RNA and nanomaterials: Using biochemical approaches to control the targeting, release and biological activity of nanoparticle drug delivery systems. J.L. Rouge

2:45 Intermission.

3:15 122. Sterols as covalent modifiers of protein function. B.P. Callahan

3:40 123. Receptor recognition by porcine circovirus 2. S. Feng, A. Schreyer, R. Khayat

4:05 124. Membrane disruption Induced by 40-residue beta-amyloid peptides in Alzheimer's Diseases. W. Qiang, K. Doherty, D. Delgado, Q. Cheng, H. Dong, C. Grewer

4:30 125. Nucleic acid-based nano tools for bioanalytical studies. M. You

4:55 Concluding Remarks.