Northeast Regional Meeting

Organometallic Catalytic Activation of Small Molecules


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
Johnson Room

Organometallic Catalytic Activation of Small Molecules

A. Lees, Organizer, Presiding

1:00 Introductory Remarks.

1:05 126. Pincer supported iron complexes for the reversible hydrogenation of CO2 to formic acid and methanol. N. Hazari, W.H. Bernskoetter

1:30 127. Hybrid photocatalysts for solar energy conversion. G. Li

1:55 128. Differences in carbon isotope discrimination during the reduction of CO2 by rhenium and ruthenium complexes. A.M. Angeles Boza, T. Schneider

2:20 Intermission.

2:50 129. Solar hydrogen production using carbon nanomaterials in hybrid photocatalytic schemes. C.A. Caputo

3:15 130. Ionic liquid-enhanced electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 with a homogeneous catalyst. D.C. Grills, Y. Matsubara, Y. Kuwahara

3:40 131. Tuning the catalytic active site of Mn(I) and Re(I) polypyridyl catalysts for CO2 reduction. J.J. Rochford

4:05 132. Metal-templated synthesis of ammonia borane. D. Wolstenholme, J.L. Dobson, J.H. Lee, G.S. McGrady

4:30 133. Electrochemical reduction of CO2 by homogeneous early transition metal catalysts. K.A. Grice, C. Saucedo, M. Sovereign, A. Cho