Northeast Regional Meeting

Posters I


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
North Ballroom

General Posters

A. S. Silva, Organizer

6:00 - 7:00

148. Ab initio studies of magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles as potential catalysts for thermal decomposition of acetic acid. D.C. Perera, J.C. Rasaiah, J.W. Hewage

149. Using magnetic resonance force microscopy (MRFM) to probe triplet excitons in organic photovoltaic devices. E.A. Curley, J.A. Marohn

150. Activatable interpolymer complex – superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (IPC-SPIOs) as magnetic resonance (MR) contrast agents sensitive to oxidative stress. E. Yoo, H.A. Cheng, C.A. Nwasike, L.E. Nardacci, D.J. Beaman, O. Fisher, A.L. Doiron

151. Carbohydrate-based inducers of cellular stress for targeting cancer. F. Ndombera

152. Synthesis, properties and complexation study of novel fluorenone macrocycles. I. Tamgho, D. Jones, M. Levine

153. The effects of hierarchical structure on out-of-plane charge transport in organic solar cell active layers. J. Mehta, S. Button, J.M. Mativetsky

154. Computational analysis of the dynamics and energetics of secondary-active glutamate transport. J. Wang, C. Grewer

155. Multifunctional nanoprobes for biological applications. J. Li, S. Shan, Z. Skeete, J. Luo, M.R. Hepel, C. Zhong

156. Novel electrochemical biosensors for assessing food safety. J. Zhang, O.A. Sadik

157. TiO 2 nanotubes sensitized with CdS QDs photoanodes for hydrogen generation by solar energy. J. Gonzalez Moya, Y. Garcia Basabe, D. Maia Oliveira, G. Machado

158. Homogeneous catalysis of the electrochemical reduction of CO2 by Re(I) complexes: Role of the pyridine ligands. J. Nganga

159. Kinetic isotope effects and theoretical models help probe long-standing mechanistic debate for diphenylprolinol silyl ether catalyzed Michael Reaction between aldehydes and nitroolefins. J.A. Izzo, S.C. Marker, M.J. Vetticatt

160. Crime scene simultaneous estimation of the time since deposition and the age of the originator from a blood spot. J. Agudelo, L. Halámková, R. Rodrigues, C. Huynh, E. Brunelle, J. Halamek

161. Computational investigations of nickel based electrocatalysts for CO2RR. K. McCardle, J. Panetier

162. Electrochemical evaluation of nanoparticles by nano-impact methodology. K. Kirk, A. Karimi, N.P. Sardesai

163. Understanding the oxidation behavior of stainless transition metal core/alloy nanoparticles. L. Pathade, T.L. Doane, M.M. Maye

164. Identification by body fluids using single analyte bioaffinity-based assays. L. McGoldrick, J. Agudelo, E. Brunelle, C. Huynh, L. Halámková, J. Halamek

165. Understanding the role of defects in high energy transfer efficiency between firefly luciferase and semiconductive quantum rods. L.M. Karam, M.M. Maye

166. Vapor-phase polymerized poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) on TiO2 fibers for supercapacitor electrodes. M.T. Fox, L. Tong, J. Liu, S.M. Boyer, L.A. Sonnenberg, W. Bernier, W.E. Jones

167. Investigation of energy transfer in perylene diimide based multilayer light harvesting arrays. L. Ayensu-Mensah, Z. Huang, P.H. Dinolfo

168. Preparation of an Infrared light responsive layer-by-layer film on colloidal substrates. M. Feeney, S.W. Thomas

169. Engineering the extracellular loops of Outermembrane protein G in creating a nanopore sensing platform. M.A. Fahie

170. Unconventional hydrogen bonding in chemical hydrides: Supramolecular interactions and crystal engineering of borazine analogues. N. Ding, L.L. Tomasevich, J. Proper, G.S. McGrady

171. Characterization of electrical properties of nanoparticle-nanofibrous membranes. N. Kang, J. Kim, F. Lin, W. Zhao, M. Almihdhar, J. Lombardi, S. Yan, J. Luo, B.S. Hsiao, M.D. Poliks, C. Zhong

172. Progress towards the synthesis of pestalazine A. N.S. Mahajani, J.D. Chisholm

173. Synthesis, base pairing and structural studies of DNA duplexes containing geranyl-2-thiothymidine derivatives. P. Haruehanroengra, R. Wang, J. Sheng

174. High-resolution structures of the Aβ40 fibrils grown from the surface of phospholipid liposomes. Q. Cheng

175. Brønsted acid catalysis of intermolecular cope-type hydroamination. R. Karugu, M.J. Vetticatt

176. Structure elucidation of 2 novel 24,28-cyclopropyl sterols from a tropical orchid.. R. Joseph, J.P. Giner

177. Single and few layer WS 2 as a chemical vapor sensor. S. Matthews, D.T. McCall, C. Zhao, H. Zeng, F.V. Bright

178. Membrane location and protonation driven membrane insertion of pH-low insertion peptide (pHLIP) by solid state nuclear magnetic resonance. S.A. Otieno

179. Functional nanocomposites towards advanced sensing interfaces. S. Yan, X. Liu, C.L. Ghazvini, S. Bryant, N. He, W. Zhao, J. Lombardi, Z. Skeete, J. Luo, M.D. Poliks, I.G. Ivanov, C. Zhong

180. Calcium and titanium substitution effect on magnetic properties of Sr(Sn (1-x)Fe x)O 3- d. S. Suzuki, K. Nomura, T. Mizunuma, A. Okazawa, Y. Koike

181. Radioactive cesium in suspended matter collected at Tamagawa River basin. S. Okumura, K. Ochi, G. Ishihara, K. Fujii, K. Hagiwara, Y. Koike

182. Multilateral chemical analysis of UV irradiated paraloid™ B-72. S. Okamoto

183. Photophysical and biological properties of rhenium tricarbonyl complexes bearing water-soluble phosphine ligands. S. Marker, J. Wilson

184. Illuminating the requirements for bioluminescence with the latent luciferase CG6178 and luciferin analogs. S.T. Adams, D. Sharma, M. Bohn, C.A. Schiffer, S.C. Miller

185. Ab initio study of the electronic structure of copper-doped nickel tungstate. S. Shepard, M. Smeu

186. Fluorophore disaggregation for thiol sensing. T.I. Chio, T.I. Radford, S.L. Bane

187. Rearrangement of benzylic trichloroacetimidates to trichloroacetamides. T. Suzuki, A.A. Adhikari, J.D. Chisholm

188. First-principles evaluation of the chevrel phase intercalated with Ca for battery cathodes. T.R. Juran, M. Smeu

189. Factors influencing the performance of organic nanofiber array transistors. T. Yang, J. Mehta, J. Ortiz, E. Shehi, C. Cooper, J.M. Mativetsky

190. 'Click' based functionalization of DNA nanostructures. V. Valsangkar, A.R. Chandrasekaran , R. Wang, P. Haruehanroengra, V.R. Pelliccia, O. Levchenko, K. Halvorsen, J. Sheng

191. Kinetic isotope effects and mechanism for N-heterocyclic carbene catalyzed hydroacyation of unactivated olefins. V. Wambua

192. Computational study for the CO2 reduction reaction using rhenium-electron catalysts. X. Li, J. Panetier

193. Nanoalloy catalysts: Structural characterization and electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells. Y. Zhao, S. Shan, H. Cronk, J.W. Donohue, J. Luo, C. Zhong

194. Smart gel-like carbon dots material. Y. Zhou

195. The impact of gold nanoparticle exposure on endothelial cells. Y. Liu, C.H. Maiorana, K. Harada, B. Lappies, N. Rogel, L. Jarett, G.K. German, G. Mahler, A.L. Doiron

196. Improving DNA-mediated self-assembly of quantum rods onto DNA origami via zwitterionic coating. Y. Chen, T.L. Doane, M.M. Maye

197. Isotope effect, mechanism and methodology development of the Michael addition of carbonyl to trans-b-nitrostyrene catalyzed by L-proline and its derivatives. Y. Hong, M.J. Vetticatt

198. Femtosecond impulsive vibrational spectroscopy of rhodamine and rosamine sensitizers: Structural displacements in the excited-state. Z. Piontkowski, D. McCamant

199. Smart Ni coating for corrosion protection of Mg alloy. Z. Xie, D. Li, C. Zhong

200. Design and synthesis of fluorescent conjugated polymers as fluoride chemosensor. Z. Qing, A. Chen, W. Wu, W. Bernier, W.E. Jones

201. Design of mononuclear non-heme enzyme for oxygen activation. Z. Lengyel, J.J. Rempillo, I.V. Korendovych, O. Makhlynets

Posters II


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
North Ballroom

General Posters

A. S. Silva, Organizer

7:15 - 8:15

202. Facilitating STEAM-based mentorships between high school students and elementary-middle school aged youth in their community, through the establishment of a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization: Applications in chemical education. A. Zhang, S. Nadkarni, S. Vollero

203. CMDscaffold: A virtual peptide library for de novo rational drug design. A.S. Bayden, D.J. Diller, J.H. Audie

204. CoMBASA: A hydropathy-based tool for mapping out receptor-based pharmacophores. A.S. Bayden, A. Tripathi, C. Da, G.E. Kellogg

205. Derivatives of 5-(imidazo[2,1-b]thiazol-6-yl)-4-methylthiazol-2-amine new effective EGFR-kinase inhibitors. A.S. Bunev

206. Investigating the background interferences of carpet substrates in accelerant identification. A. Aldrich, G. Odugbesi, S. Haddadi

207. Effectiveness of pre-lab videos for sophomore an organic chemistry course. A.J. Kiessling

208. Controlled fabrication of patterned calcium alginate hydrogels through reductive cation exchange. A. Melman, M. Bruchet

209. Mechanistic organic chemistry with reactive oxygen speices (ROS): Air-water interface reactions. B. Malek, W. Fang, I. Abramova, A.A. Ghogare, A. Greer

210. Determination of organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls using GC-MS/MS operated in the MRM mode. B. Prakash, T. Ogura, R. Kitano, W. Lipps

211. Investigation on the accumulation and the effects of lead on invertebrate nervous system function and behavior. L. Lubecki, S. Amico-Ruvio, D.T. Stewart

212. Get involved with the ACS Division of Chemical Education. D.L. Zimmerman

213. Removal of heavy metal ions by a polymer matrix containing ditiocarbamate as a chelating group. F. Damkaci, B. Ladd, R. Scalzo

214. Grafting acrylic acid to polystyrene surfaces modified with oxygen atoms. X. Li, F. Lu, J. On, R. Divens, M. Cocca, K. Vega, A. Bailey, T. Debies, M. Mehan, S. Gupta, G.A. Takacs

215. Photoactive silica surface coated with (3-phenoxypropyl)silane: Studies of photosensitizer release and singlet oxygen production. G. Ghosh, M. Vignoni, N. Walalawela, A.A. Ghogare, S.A. McFarland, A.H. Thomas, A. Greer

216. Mechanism for cell cycle-specific localization of CENP-F. H. Cui, K. Loftus, S. Solmaz

217. Computed regioselectivity in ene reactions of singlet oxygen with the natural product hyperforin. I. Abramova, B. Rudshteyn, J.F. Liebman, A. Greer

218. Comparison of chemical structures of environmental hormones for cardiact and phototactic effects on daphnia magna. S. Moon, J. Lee

219. Millisecond-resolved transient EQCM studies of monolayers of heavy metals and DNA on gold electrodes. J. Peter, G. Flechsig

220. Antimicrobial activity of extracts of anacardium occidentale stem barck and isolation of phtochemicals. J.K. Adesanwo, I. Adewusi

221. Extractives from root of Morinda lucida(Benth), their antimicrobial and antioxidant activities. J.K. Adesanwo, O.A. Igbeneghu

222. Characterization of chromium substituted lithium vanadium phosphate. K.J. Lee, Y. Chung, N.A. Chernova, F. Omenya, M.S. Whittingham

223. Specificity determinants of insulin-degrading enzyme. L. Stefanidis, J.E. Smith-Carpenter, B.J. Alper

224. Manganese- and copper-doped ZnS quantum dots synthesis and characterization. L. Ji, M.R. Hepel

225. Delivery of anti-cancer drug methotrexate and adjuvant leucovorin. M. Palmer, A. Ortiz, A. Marotta, M.R. Hepel

226. Target-induced release of anti-leukemia drug azacitidine covalently attached to AuNP nanocarriers. M. Smith , M.R. Hepel

227. Polymerization model study: Synthesis of an epoxyenone. M. Blauvelt

228. Bio-catalyzed regioselective synthesis in undergraduate organic laboratories: Multi-step synthesis of 2-arachidonoylglycerol. M.R. Johnston

229. Synthesis and evaluation of potential inhibitors of hedgehog cholesterolysis. M.T. Jorgensen, J.P. Giner, D. Ciulla, B.P. Callahan

230. Fluorinated trisalkoxide bismuth species as potential MOCVD precursors. T.B. Ngo, M.E. Vonden Steinen, Y. Takahashi, B. Wilson, A. Torvisco, M.M. Gillett-Kunnath, K. Ruhlandt-Senge

231. Synthesis, characterization, and coordination studies of novel bismuth compounds. M.E. Vonden Steinen, T.B. Ngo, Y. Takahashi, B. Wilson, M.M. Gillett-Kunnath, K. Ruhlandt-Senge

232. Interfacial photosensitization reactions. N. Walalawela, A. Greer

233. Synthesis and characterization of long chain pterin derivatives: O vs N substitution. M. Vignoni, N. Walalawela, S.M. Bonesi, A. Greer, A.H. Thomas

235. Underpotential deposition and anodic stripping voltammetry of copper in water samples using heated screen-printed gold electrodes. S. Colón-Rodríguez, J. Abdulkhalek, M. Schönhoff, D. Arrigan, G. Flechsig

236. Wavelength selective generation of aryl radicals and aryl cations from arylazosulfones. S. Crespi, S. Protti, M. Fagnoni

237. Adsorption of Cr (VI) from aqueous solutions by amine functionalized cellulose pretreatment by microwave-H 2O 2. S. Jingjing

238. HPLC-MS analyses of the photocatalytic degradation products of phenazopyridine. T.A. Gray, E. Obuya, F. Chen

239. Supercritical CO2 extraction of polyphenols from green tea: A new method of extraction. T. Scott, A.M. Fedor

240. Copper catalyzed hydroxylation of aryl halides to generate phenols. F. Damkaci, T. Sobiech, X. Mahemuti, J. McGrath, G. Kerr

241. Chemical assembly of a new ubiquitin-like post-translational modification. T. Zheng, T.P. Dao, J. Madison, C. Castaneda

242. Folate receptor-recognizing directed delivery of chemotherapeutic drug lenvatinib. T. Santiago, M.R. Hepel

243. Analysis of drugs used in facilitated criminal acts. V. Niri, K. Lagatta, K. Herard, S. Haddadi

244. Reductively-labile sulfonate protecting groups for live cell imaging. A. Choi, S.C. Miller

245. Sediments as an active source of PCB contamination to Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, New York. A. Ingham, J.P. Hassett

246. Template-controlled growth of organic semiconductor nanowires. A.M. Haruk, T. Yang, J.M. Mativetsky

247. Colorimetric assay for quantitative detection, screening and reactivity evaluation of ceria nanoparticles. A. Othman, S. Andreescu

248. Electrochemical investigation of surface adsorption of arsenic on metal oxide nanoparticle. A. Karimi, D. andreescu, S. Andreescu

249. Computational study on iron-based complexes for water oxidation. A. Xu, J. Panetier

250. Lewis acid catalyzed C3-alkylation of 2,3-disubstituted indoles using trichloroacetimidates. A.A. Adhikari, L. Radal, J.D. Chisholm

251. Synthesis and analysis of hydroxyl-modified HMBPP analogs on the stimulation and activation of Vgamma9Vdelta2 T cells. A.M. Kilcollins, R. Shippy, G.N. Shivers, N.A. Lentini, B.M. Zangari, C.C. Hsiao, D.F. Wiemer, A.J. Wiemer

252. Examination of nucleic acid multi-equilibriums using electrospray mass spectrometry. B. Toro, P. Li, D. Fabris

253. Vapor-phase polymerized crystalline PEDOT nano/micro ribbons array on patterned FeCl 3 formed by microcontact printing. B. Li, L. Tong, S.M. Boyer, J. Liu, W. Bernier, W.E. Jones

254. The essential role of ran binding domains in nuclear transport. C. Noell, S. Foreman, K. Loftus, A. Ceravolo, D. Pereiras, S. Solmaz

255. Determination of short-lived atmospheric radionuclides using gamma-ray disk sources prepared chemical reagents. D. Fukuda, K. Hagiwara, K. Fujii, Y. Koike


256. Rational design and development of polysialic acid-binding peptides. D. Shastry, P. Karande

Poster III


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
North Ballroom

General Posters

A. S. Silva, Organizer

5:00 - 6:30

430. Effect of Zn 2+ and Mg 2+ on glutamate transporter efflux. A. Wiss, C. Breed, S. Powell, L. Pak, C. Grewer, S.C. Flynn

431. Identification and quantification of limonene in hard candies. A. Hanse, C. Minogue

432. Progress towards the synthesis of new benzofuran analogs targeting polyketide synthase 13 (Pks13) for inhibiting mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). A. Gittens, R.C. Dhakal , A. Aggarwal, M.K. Parai, R. Shrestha, J.C. Sacchettini

433. Light-mediated control of drug activity for phototherapeutics. A.C. McCue, C.I. Muldoon, E. Karic , T.A. Shell

434. Electrospun fibers of fluorescent conjugated polymer chemosensors in polymer blend matrix. A. Niyongabo, A. Chen, W.E. Bernier, W.E. Jones

435. Ruthenium-based donor compounds as building blocks for proton-coupled electron transfer. B. Plaman, N. Odewade, L.M. Aguirre Quintana, D. Villagran, E.R. Young

436. Iron oxidation and core formation in recombinant heteropolymer ferritins. B. Smith, M. Mehlenbacher, F. Bou-Abdallah

437. Colours of chaos: An in-depth study of chemical oscillations. C. Misiewicz, S. Glazier, D. Look

438. The electrochemical behavior of early metal metallocene Cp2MCl2 complexes under CO2. K.A. Grice, C. Saucedo, M. Sovereign, A. Cho

439. Development of a hand-portable chemosensor device to aid in combatting the trade of illegally caught fish through the cyanide fishing method. C. Flynn, C. Sweet, C. Murphy

440. Developing a metalloporphyrin-based photo and electrochemical detector of thiocyanate ions in marine environments. C. Sweet, C.P. Flynn, A.R. McCabe, C. Murphy

441. Optimization of a route to 2 nd generation organosilicate systems. D. Monk, L. Dake, M.A. Boucher

442. Synthetic sterol derivatives for bioconjugation by hedgehog proteins. D. Moumin, T. Owen, B.P. Callahan

443. Characterization of the doxorubicinone-DNA complex formation. E. Curtis, H. Anchukaitis, S. Tartakoff, S. Glazier

444. Supramolecular assembly of donor-acceptor energy transfer system. E.B. Conklin, J. Rosenthal, E.R. Young

445. Isotope Effects and the weak CH-O and δ-H-H δ+ hydrogen bond in the enantioselective cyclopropanation catalyzed by a cinchona alkaloid derivative. G.T. Bedard, J. Izzo, M.J. Vetticatt

446. Synthesis of doxorubicin analogs for DNA binding studies. H. Anchukaitis, S. Glazier, S. Tartakoff

447. Conformational energetics of cyclohexane, tetrahydropyran, and dioxane. I. Bogacz, Y.A. Abdo, S.P. Lee, H.B. Reed, T.L. Ellington, K.M. Dreux, G.S. Tschumper

448. Synthesis, characterization, and application of water soluble poly (pyromellitic dianhydride-p-phenylene diamine) to synthesize anisotropic silver nanoparticles. J. Hoffmeier, V. Kariuki, O.A. Sadik

449. Voltage-induced reduction of graphene oxide. J.N. Flournoy, A.C. Faucett, J. Mehta, J. Mativetsky

450. Changes in synthetic and calf thymus DNA in the presence of osmolytes. J. Finan, S. Glazier

451. Nanofibrous polymer and metal organic framework composites for the degradation of simulated chemical warfare agents. J. Troiano, D. Dwyer, W. Bernier, W.E. Jones

452. Solvent dependent electron transfer in a BODIPY dyad series. J.C. Strahan, B. Popere, S. Thayumanavan, E.R. Young

453. Synthesis of stercobilin: A potential biomarker for Autism. J. Coffey, A. Charlebois, A. Vadas

454. Transition metal complexes of 2-amino-3,5-dihalopyridines: Synthesis, structures and magnetic properties of (3,5-diCAP) 2Cu 2X 6 and (3,5-diBAP) 2Cu 2X 6. J. Cipi, C.P. Landee, M.M. Turnbull, J.L. Wikaira

455. High-resolution infrared spectroscopy of C 5S. J. Kozubal, J.B. Dudek, S. Thorwirth, T. Salomon

456. Dye sensitized solar cells: A push towards lowering cost and improving efficiency. K. Digan, C. Sweet, C.J. Timpson

457. Identifying kinetically-stable proteins in peanut. K. Fallows, K. Xia, W. Colon

458. Use of native active oils to create naturally-derived antimicrobial surfaces. K. Velez, J.I. Rizzo

459. Freezing-induced gold nanoparticle aggregation and its effect on SERS. K. Hoyt, J. Heo

460. Introductory organic chemistry for the high school laboratory. K.J. Cassidy, M.A. Walker

461. Synthesis of a series of methyl-1-indanone derivatives. K.S. Podolak, D.R. Case, G. Abbot, C.R. Pulliam, M.A. Boucher

462. Adaptation of a rapid extraction method for lead analysis of community soil samples. L.M. Nitti, C.R. Pulliam, J. Crandall

463. Determination of inorganic anions and cations in potable and waste waters with capillary zone electrophoresis with indirect UV detection. L. Varden, B. Smith, F. Bou-Abdallah

464. Analysis and characterization of vapor phase polymerized poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) on carbon materials as supercapacitor electrodes. L.A. Sonnenberg, L. Tong, W.E. Bernier, W.E. Jones

465. Enzyme inhibition: Monitoring of enzymatic reactions using a pH scale. M.R. Pierce, D. Olschewske, C.S. Rossiter

466. A greener synthesis of vinyl sulfones. L.E. Johnson, M.A. Walker

467. Dye-sensitization of titanium dioxide nanofibers with photo-oxidizing and photo-reducing dyes for the photodegradation of environmental and biological pollutants. M. Ehrlich, S.M. Boyer, W.E. Jones, W. Bernier

468. Synthesis, structure, and magnetic behavior of nickel (II) and cobalt (II) halide complexes of isoquinoline. M.T. Kebede, C.P. Landee, M. Rademeyer, M.M. Turnbull

469. Synthesis of alkaline earth metal tetraarylborate pyrazolate compounds. K. La, J.J. Woods, C.M. Lavin, M.M. Gillett-Kunnath, K. Ruhlandt-Senge

470. Application of thin film molecular assemblies as electrochromic devices. M.J. Amdur, P.H. Dinolfo

471. Study of chemical composition and prospecting anticholinesterase of volatile oils at Corymbia citriodora and Vitex agnus castus. R. Brito Oliveira, J. França Orlanda

472. Biocompatible bone cements as an alternative to modern methods of bone fracture repair. S. Medina, S. Qadiri

473. Synthesis and characterization of size- and shape-controlled PtNiCo nanoparticles for fuel cell catalysts. S. Kim, H. Cronk, S. Negi, Z. Skeete, J. Luo, C. Zhong

474. Inhibitory effects of triterpenoids on human mitochondrial Lon protease. S. Sakhamuri, C. Suzuki, A. Pandey

475. Investigating metal allosteric sites on glutamate transporters. S. Chen , D. Fama , R. Jimenez , W. Kelmenson , M. Tarrash , I. Territo , C. Grewer, S.C. Flynn

476. Preparation of biocompatible magnetic nanoparticles by ligand exchange reaction of capping agents. S. Negi, H. Cronk, S. Kim, Z. Skeete, J. Luo, C. Zhong

477. Chemistry in the aerosol interfacial region: A computational study. T. Cropley

478. The study of amyloid protein formation by soil bacteria in presence of subinhibitory antibiotic concentrations. V. Chilunda, N. Marano, L. Olendzenski

479. Extraction of green tea polyphenols by sonication and the inhibitory effects on digestive enzymes. V.I. Bednar, A.M. Fedor

480. Behavior of chemically coupled oscillating gels. Y. Kim, Z.A. Jimenez, I.R. Epstein


481. In a search of an enzymatic pH oscillator for the delivery of an anti-depressant. Z. Wang, Z.A. Jimenez, V. Horvath, I.R. Epstein

Poster IV


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
North Ballroom

General Posters

A. S. Silva, Organizer

12:00 - 1:30

515. TiO2 nanofiber formation using microwave irradiation. D. Dwyer, G.S. McGrady, W.E. Jones

516. Discovery of an aqueous variant of the Wohl degradation. T. Cheewawisuttichai, A. Yu, M. Brichacek

517. Synthesis of X-shape molecules as electron acceptors in organic solar cells. F. Caban, Y. Jiang, S. Wei

518. Origin of diastereodivergence in an organocascade catalytic cycle. F. Marrone, J. Izzo, M.J. Vetticatt

519. The refractive index of malonic acid measured by zoom-in method and extension method. H. Kim, J.H. Shin

520. Thermodynamic study of esterification of acetic acid with various alcohols using a microwave reactor. H. Yun, J.H. Shin

521. Cleaning and protecting the water we use via NYC’s wastewater treatment system & DEP shoreline survey unit. I. Sun, J. Villacis, P. Meleties, P.D. Svoronos

522. The determination of pesticides in fruits, vegetables and grains via the Luke method. I. Sun, K. Williams, M. Iorsh, P.D. Svoronos

523. The detection of salmonella in foods via microbiological methods. I. Sun, A. Lara, P.D. Svoronos

524. Can two lithium ions be reversibly intercalated in ε-Li xVOPO 4? J. Hwang, L. Wangoh, L. Piper

525. Understanding the formation and size distribution of porous poly(o-toluidine) microspheres. J. Hwang, D.M. Sarno

526. Determining the total number of antioxidant quantities present in commercially available beverages via the folin ciocalteau microspectrophotometric analysis. J. Leong, M. de los Santos, S. Svoronos, P.D. Svoronos

527. Determining the total amount of oxygen consumption in effluent via carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (CBOD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). J. Leong, F. Jacques, P. Meleties, P.D. Svoronos

528. The determination of gallic acid present in juice and tea beverages using high performance liquid chromatography. M. de los Santos, J. Leong, P.D. Svoronos

529. Impedimetric biosensors based on modularly designed synthetic peptides for recognition, detection and live/dead differentiation of pathogenic bacteria. X. Liu, M. Marrakchi, D. Xu, H. Dong, S. Andreescu

530. A redox-active aptaswitch for rapid and sensitive detection of mycotoxins. G. Bulbul, A. Hayat, S. Andreescu

531. Probing substrate specificity in hedgehog protein cholesterolysis. D. Ciulla, J.P. Giner, B.P. Callahan

532. Determination of the ionization constant of weak carboxylic acids using microscale freezing point depression measurements. D. Kwun, P. Irigoyen, P.D. Svoronos

533. Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of lithium mixed-transition-metal phosphates. K.J. Lee, P. Sideris

534. Coinage metal nanocluster coalescence simulations: Two-temperature model molecular dynamics (MD) versus classical MD. B.C. Sousa, J. Lomba, Z. Bolduc, T.D. Morse

535. Detection of water pollutants using silver nanopartilcels-nanocellulose 3D SERS substrate. M. Hossen

536. Tungsten oxide as an electro-catalyst for the electrolysis of water and the reduction of carbon dioxide. A.T. Carroll, K.J. Dietz, A. Mahdavi-Shakib, B.G. Frederick

537. Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical investigation of ferrocenyl gold (I) thiolate complexes. K.A. Veillette, G.S. Garusinghe, A.E. Bruce, M.R. Bruce

538. Magnetic photocatalyst for removal of organic pollutants from drinking water. S. Sultana

539. Hydrogen purification and capture system for use in a chlamydomonas reinhardtii bioreactor. A. Castonguay, G.S. McGrady, L.L. Tomasevich, J.R. Amey, S. Ackermann

540. Dye-sensitized semiconductor systems for photocatalytic hydrogen production. S. Wang

541. Light weight metal hydrides as high capacity negative electrode for lithium based batteries. Y. Hua, G.S. McGrady, S. Beattie, Y. Zhang

234. Application of in vivo fast-scan cyclic voltammetry for electrochemical monitoring of salicylic acid, an active metabolite of aspirin, in the rat brain. R. Bhimani, J. Park

288. A mechanistic exploration in the formation of chiral C-S stereocenters from α,β unsaturated aldehydes and tert-butyl mercaptans. J.E. Anesini, M.J. Vetticatt

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