Northeast Regional Meeting

Guidelines for Session Chairs and Presenters

General Guidelines

Mandatory Registration

In order to make your presentation, you must register for the NERM and display your registration badge when in the meeting roomsThe deadline for Early Bird Registration rates is September 5, 2016. After 9/5, on-site rates will apply.

There are a few ways you can register:


Cancellation or Withdrawal

If you are unable to give your presentation please send an email with your name, abstract ID, and, abstract title to

If you have already registered or booked your hotel room please visit the meeting website to read the cancellation policy for registration and housing.

Guidelines for Oral Session Chairs

In addition to the general guidelines above, please note that all Session Chairs must:

  • Show up to your assigned room at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your session.
  • Prepare an Introduction Slide for the session and acknowledge any sponsors you have secured.
  • Bring your own laptop for your session and any necessary adaptors needed to connect with the audio-visual equipment (this is particularly crucial for those bringing Mac laptops).
  • Request that the presenters email you their presentation ahead of time and, as a precaution, all presenters should arrive at the meeting with their own presentations loaded onto their personal USB flash drives.
  • Insist that switching laptops or equipment between talks is highly discouraged.
  • Copy all of the presentations onto your laptop prior to the start of the symposium.
  • Meet your speakers and obtain title and name pronunciations.
  • Strictly adhere to the scheduled time frame of each talk in the session.
    • Presenters must not switch time slots.
    • Presenters must not give their talk at a time that is not scheduled.
    • Presentations must not be allowed to run over their allotted time.
  • Inform your speakers when they have 5 minutes, 2 minutes, and 1 minute left in their presentation by using a hand signal or sign.
  • Encourage speakers to save time for questions and discussion within the allotted time.
  • Keep track of the attendance of your session and provide an estimate of the attendees to the Program Chairs.
  • Handle reimbursements with any Invited Speakers and communicate with the NERM Treasurer when necessary.

Guidelines for Oral Presentations

In addition to the general guidelines above, people making oral presentations must:

  • Create a presentation in the preferred "PowerPoint" format.
  • Contact your session chair(s) prior to the meeting and email him or her your final presentation. Any questions or concerns you may have should be directed to your session chair.
  • Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of your symposium to meet your session chair and inform her or him of any important title or name pronunciations.
  • Bring the final version of your presentation with you on a USB Flash Drive as a back-up. The Chairs for each Session or Symposia or listed here
  • Strictly adhere to the time slot of your talk.
  • Save approximately 3-5 minutes for questions or discussion.

Guidelines for Poster Presentations

In addition to the general guidelines above, attendees that are presenting posters should keep the following in mind:


  • All poster sessions will be held at the Doubletree Hotel (by Hilton) Ballroom.
  • There will be four (4) poster sessions - make note of the exact day and time of your presentation.
  • Each poster cannot exceed 4 feet x 5 feet (48 inches x 60 inches) in size. Thumb tacks will be provided.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before your poster session starts to mount your poster.
  • Please stand by your poster and be available to answer any questions during your allotted time.
  • You may want to provide preprints, handouts, or business cards during your session.
  • At the conclusion of your poster session, you must retrieve your poster.