Northeast Regional Meeting



DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
Link Room


B. Shim, Organizer, Presiding

1:00 410. Building practical applications for benchtop NMR: Case studies from real beans to fake weeds. M. Lachenmann, D. Williamson

1:15 411. Ultrafast laser studies of the primary photochemical events in artificial photosynthesis. D.W. McCamant, M. Mark, Z. Piontkowski

1:40 412. Measuring biopolymer elasticity with terahertz spectroscopy. T.M. Korter

2:05 413. Solitary wave propagation in condensed matter. R.I. Grynko, D.L. Weerawarne, X. Gao, H. Liang, H.J. Meyer, K. Hong, A.L. Gaeta, B. Shim

2:20 Intermission.

2:50 414. A spectroscopic and computational analysis of anethole-water clusters. J.J. Newby, J. Nesheiwat

3:05 415. Water at surfaces with tunable surface chemistries and the DNA’s chiral spine of hydration. P.B. Petersen

3:30 416. Stark control of electrons along nanojunctions. I. Franco


3:55 Concluding remarks.