Northeast Regional Meeting

Surface Chemistry/Catalysis


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Binghamton
South Riverside Room

Surface Chemistry/Catalysis

M. M. Maye, Organizer, Presiding
L. M. Karam, Presiding

1:00 417. Characterizing working catalysts with correlated electron and photon probes. E. Stach, Y. Li, S. Zhao, A. Gamalski, J. Chen, R.G. Nuzzo, A. Frenkel

1:30 418. Utilizing perovskite nanoparticles as both colorimetric assays of chemical reactions and halide reservoirs in catalysis. T.L. Doane, K.J. Cruz, L. Pathade, M.M. Maye

2:00 419. Carbon monoxide oxidation over Pd-based nanoalloy: Design & characterization. H. Kareem, S. Shan, Y. Zhao, Z. Skeete, J. Luo, C. Zhong, V. Petkov

2:30 Intermission.

3:00 420. Synthesis and characterization of WO 3 nanowires. K.J. Dietz, A.T. Carroll, A. Mahdavi-Shakib, B.G. Frederick

3:15 421. Ultrafine and ligand-free noble metal nanoclusters on carbon supports through a “soft nitriding” method. B. Liu, H. Yao, L. Jin, S.L. Suib, J. He

3:30 422. CdSe/β-Pb xV 2O 5 Heterostructures: Role of lone Pairs in achieving directional charge transfer. L. Wangoh, K.E. Pelcher, C.C. Milleville, S. Chauhan, M.L. Crawley, P.M. Marley, D. Watson, S. Banerjee, L. Piper


3:45 423. Tungsten oxide as a solid acid catalyst for the conversion of glucose to HMF and lactic acid. A. Mahdavi-Shakib, A. Crane, B.G. Frederick